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How to use the Dir-N-Fin Deer Scent Holder

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The Scent Holder Yardage Marker is easy to clean and is designed to use in six easy steps.

  1. Remove the top from the scent holder and locate the container with the slots.

  2. Fill the container with an absorbent material such as wicks or cotton balls.

  3. With the top still removed, stick the Scent Holder Yardage Marker in the ground at your desired location.

  4. Pour your desired scent over the cotton balls or wicks.

  5. After your hunt, place the top back on the Scent Holder Yardage Marker.

  6. To clean wash with soap and water. (Do not use in mom's dishwasher, or you may never be able to hunt again!)

You are now ready for the big buck!

Have a great hunt!

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